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about us
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The FSMTA is the oldest professional massage therapy association in the country, founded in 1939. Since the beginning, the FSMTA has been involved in the legislative process in support of the massage therapy profession.

We are proud to provide our members with a vast range of benefits and tools to promote their business. We are the only association with our own Television Network, "Massage TV." We also have a large subscribership to Massage Magazine and work with many vendors and providers around the nation.

We routinely provide our chapters with funding to organize Sports Massage Teams or Seated Massage Teams which promote the efficacy of massage as a healthcare modality. In addition, we work with state legislators to ensure
numerous protections for massage therapy practitioners.

We encourage you to visit our home page at www.fsmta.org for more information.

FSMTA-MAC President’s Address 

It is a complete honor to be the president of the first FSMTA chapter to break the seal of the Florida State border.

As a region, the FSMTA Mid-Atlantic chapter united in the spirit of becoming a collective of massage therapists. We are determined to advance the recent initiative of the FSMTA to expand and become a professional organization for massage therapists nationally. We are owned and operated by massage therapists and the only one of its kind!

The FSMTA-MAC has officially begun growing! While it feels like we are taking baby steps to get off the starting block, it is a giant step for us! Our vision is to become a platform and template for the rest of the country to duplicate and join in our expansion efforts. As we develop into acceptable numbers, each chapter will break off and become autonomous, yet maintain its important and vital connection to this illustrious national and powerful organization.

We request that you support our strides to grow by referring massage therapists to join our chapter and leadership to assist in organizing and effectuating chapter growth. This is an exciting day! As we move forward, we offer the opportunity for this great profession to do what it does; healing and balancing the patrons of this country’s communities that depend on them to be productive, loving, compassionate and healthy.

Thank you very much for your consideration and your participation in advance!