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is a widely sought-after authority in treating pain and injuries with massage. Students greatly enjoy his dynamic and entertaining presentations, his easy to understand explanations, multimedia support materials, and well-designed trainings. Lowe’s career spans 3 decades and includes extensive clinical work, research, publication, and teaching. He directs the Academy of Clinical Massage, and is the author of the popular text, Orthopedic Assessment for Massage Therapy used by schools, educators, and individuals. He teaches core elements of the NCBTMB Clinical Rehabilitative Massage Specialty Certificate. This innovative program is one of the profession’s most respected certificates that prepares professionals in advanced clinical therapy for treating musculoskeletal conditions. Program content includes the critical health sciences and clinical reasoning knowledge that provides the foundation for effective and successful treatment and professional growth. For more information, go to Whitney’s classes are NCBTMB, AMTA, ABMP, DE, FL, MS, TN, TX, NY approved. NCBTMB Provider #045671-00


“Demystifying Complex Neck Conditions”

Neck pain complaints can become complicated and chronic due to the biomechanical complexity of the neck and its kinetic chain. Many conditions can confound even the advanced therapist. Explore the interface between biomechanics and physiology and learn essential assessment and treatment protocols that drive the advanced cervical treatments for which Lowe’s courses are renowned.
Sat., 4/28 8am-12noon 4 CEs
Bring: massage table, linens, lotions, pen, note paper


“The Shoulder Girdle: Treatment, Problem Solving & Stabilization”

The shoulder girdle is bio-mechanically complex with soft tissues playing a key role in stability and generating movement. As a result, soft tissue disorders are common in this region and many of them respond quite well to massage interventions. Effective treatment requires a comprehensive understanding of key issues related to anatomy, mechanics and functional kinesiology. In this course, we explore key assessment and treatment concepts for helping create optimum pain-free shoulder function.
Sat., 4/28 2-6pm 4 CEs Bring: massage table, linens, lotions, pen, note paper

“Clinical Applications of Current Pain Science”

Advances in pain science research have prompted a radical shift in how manual therapy practitioners address pain conditions in their patients. These new findings have great implications for massage therapists. The idea that treatment work must be deep and painful to be effective needs to be revised. Come learn how to apply current pain science principles to dramatically change your work and make it much easier on you.
Sun., 4/29 8am-12noon 4 CEs
Bring: massage table linens, lotions, pen, note paper




is a practicing physical therapist of 35 years, a Certified Instructor for the Upledger Institute and a Certified Presenter for the Barral Institute. Mariann’s experience also includes serving as a staff clinician working alongside Dr. Upledger at the Healthplex Clinic in Florida. Fueled by her personal belief that you cannot diagnose the power of the human spirit, she applies her expertise utilizing manual therapy for patients who have not responded to traditional medicine. Mariann’s broad range of clinical experience, post graduate education and entertaining teaching style making her a sought after instructor in both the clinical and classroom settings. Mariann was awarded the first ever Clinical Educator of the Year by the University of New Mexico Physical Therapy School. Mariann is also an examiner for the CST Techniques Certification Program.

“Craniosacral Therapy for Concussions and Traumatic Brain Injuries”

The use of the terms “concussion,” “post-concussions syndrome (PCS)” and “traumatic brain injury: (TBI)” has increased in the lexicon of health care practitioners and laypeople. In all levels of sports, we see an increased frequency in the diagnosis of concussion injury, as well as the detailed quantification of its accompanying signs and symptoms. Medicine focuses on detection and diagnosis with the common treatment being watching and waiting unless surgery is required. Employing a manual technique capable of accessing and addressing the vascular, structural and neurological tissues of the brain has surfaced as being an appropriate treatment modality. In particular, the techniques of Upledger CranioSacral Therapy can be applied with the attention of addressing 3 main areas in this type of injury: the cerebrospinal fluid and venous sinus systems; the cranial bones and intracranial membrane system; and the autonomic nervous system. Through this seminar, learn how Upledger CranioSacral Therapy can be a useful tool for patients suffering concussion or TBI. You will gain an understanding of how CST can be very effective in mitigating post-concussion symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, anxiety, difficulty concentrating and sleep problems. Results from a pilot study at the Upledger Institute with Ex-National Football League players will be shared.
Fri., 4/27 1-5pm Pt. 1 of 3 Sat., 4/28 8-12noon Pt. 2 of 3 Sat., 4/28 2-6pm Pt. 3 of 3 12 CEs
Bring: massage table NCBTMB Provider #025785-00



is the CEO and Founder of ZENZ Massage Stones. She is a graduate of the Virginia School of Massage and began working in the spa industry. Her fascination with the healing art of therapeutic massage brought her to the development of the Zenz concept and Zenz massage stones which can be used with spa, facial, reflexology, self-care, deep tissue and sports massage techniques. Jessica developed the soapstone massage tool to assist in her own healing after a serious head on collision and is proud to bring it into the massage world to help others heal. Jessica is a licensed Massage Therapist, a VA licensed Esthetician and is Board Certified through the NCBTMB.

“ZenzTM Classic Hot/Cold Soapstone Massage”

Learn the benefits of using soapstone in the Zenz stone massage. You will learn specific strokes of the Zenz massage concept and when to use them; safe methods of using heat and cold, contraindications, care and cleaning of the stones and classic protocols for 60 or 90 minute sessions. You will also learn how to use different angles for myofascial release, trigger point and muscle stripping, combined with gentle gliding to create a deeply relaxing and therapeutic massage session. The therapist will also learn proper body mechanics to lessen strain on your body. You will learn to use these ergonomically designed stones as an extension of your hands to let the stones do the work for you. Specific protocols are provided for each session.
Fri., 4/27 5-9pm Classic Hot/Cold Soapstone Massage for the Back
4 CEs Sat., 4/28 8-12noon The Legs & 2-6pm The Upper Body 8 CEs
Bring: Massage table, sheets/towels, lubricant of choice NCBTMB Provider #924




Michael has practiced massage therapy since 1980. He graduated with a B.S. in Health and Wellness from Kaplan University and the Lawrence/Harrison Institute (bodywork) in NYC, the Florida School of Massage and the Pacific School of Bodywork and Awareness. He also holds certifications in Life Coaching, Colon Hydrotherapy and Addictions Counseling. He also practiced sports massage on Olympian medalists at the University of Florida’s swim and gymnastics teams, supervised by nationally renowned LMT, Benny Vaughn. He is a former instructor at the Holistic Massage Training Institute in Baltimore. He draws from 8 different bodywork modalities: Swedish massage, Sports Massage, Connective Tissue Therapy, Neuromuscular Therapy, Structural Integration, Reflexology, Polarity and Shiatsu.

“Introduction to Structural Connective Tissue Therapy”

Structural Connective Tissue Therapy (SCTT) is an advanced massage therapy and bodywork training intended to provide the new or seasoned bodyworker with an overview of valuable tools from which to draw when working with clients who have musculoskeletal balances, chronic tension and pain. The focus of this training is on restructuring specific anatomical structures that are dysfunctional, distorted or imbalanced and how to work with those acute and chronic soft tissue issues. Melting tissue and altering structure for postural balance is a main goal of this course. Participants will begin learning what SCTT is, as used in Structural Integration/Rolfing and how it is applied.
Sun., 4/29 8-12noon and 1-5pm 8 CEs
Bring: massage table, sheets, 2 bath towels and 1 large towel for draping, 1 stick of 100% cocoa butter NCBTMB Provider #1317



is a Maryland State Licensed Massage Therapist and Board Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (BCTMB). Claire graduated from the Baltimore School of Massage, earned a BA in Human Services
Administration and MA in Health Care Administration, is self-employed providing massage to both employees and patients for a local hospital. She is twice certified in Prenatal Massage and has taught Cultural Diversity and Competency for the past two years.

“Diversity and Cultural Competence”

The objective of this class is to provide the students with the tools necessary to become knowledgeable of what cultural competence means, how to become competent, and to be able to distinguish between generalizations and stereotypes. We will examine personal views and those of our clients/patients.
Sat., 4/28 6-7pm 1 CE Sun., 4/29 8-9am 1 CE
Bring: An open mind. NCBTMB
Provider #1111



has had a private massage practice for over 27 years and has been teaching massage courses for over 15 years. She was the Level II massage instructor at the Community College of Baltimore-Essex, original director of the Massage Institute of Maryland and is an NCBTMB provider teaching Basic Cupping for Massage Therapists, Orthopedic Cupping, Ethics, and Communicable Disease classes. Anita also worked at Mercy Medical Center with the Oncology and Orthopedic Department. She has been a member of the Maryland Sports Massage Team and Body Mason Sports Massage. Anita has been organizing continuing education events for massage therapists for over 20 years.

“Communicable Diseases:

What You Should Know and What You Can Do

This communicable disease class will cover the top 10 communicable diseases (including HIV/Aids, influenza, gastroenteritis, common cold, MRSA, pneumococcal, fungus) using lecture and interactive student participation. Proper sanitation procedures based on OSHA standards will also be presented along with ideas for organic and environmentally friendly sanitary practices which can be used in the treatment room and as a healthy self-care practice. This is an interesting class which hopes to present new and updated information for the massage professional to keep themselves and their clients safe.
Fri., 4/27 1-4pm 3 CEs Sun., 4/29 1-4pm 3 CEs
Bring:writing utensil, a healthy attitude NCBTMB

Provider #1111


“Ethics: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow”

Ethics has always been an important part of the massage therapy profession. In this class, we will look back at the ethical concerns of the past—perhaps when some of us started practicing–and discuss their current relevance. Today, we are well into the 21st century and have encountered circumstances that should be addressed in order to maintain the integrityandprofessionalismofthemassagetherapyfield.This,ofcourse,lendscredibilityandprotectiontothegeneralpublic(ourclients). This class will give you a reminder of our more common ethical issues and we will discuss the new issues that have developed due to technology and social media. And we will have some fun predicting what the ethical issues of the future might be.
Fri., 4/27 5-8pm 3 CEs Sun., 4/29 9-12noon 3 CEs
Bring: a smile
NCBTMB Provider #1111





FSMTA Member Before 4/20/18

FSMTA Member After 4/20/18

Non-FSMTA Member Before 4/20/18

Non-FSMTA Member After 4/20/18r

Full Conference (All 3 days, all sessions) Excludes CPR & Diversity/Cultural Competence





2 Days (Fri/Sat OR Sat/Sun OR Fri/Sun Excludes CPR & Diversity/Cultural Competence





1 Day (Fri OR Sat OR Sun only) Excludes CPR & Diversity/Cultural Competence





Individual Class Session





Diversity and Cultural Competence





CPR for the Health Care Professional (American Heart Association)

$50 + $28.50 Online fee

$50 + $28.50 Online fee

$50 + $28.50 Online fee

$50 + $28.50 Online fee

** A Payment Plan is available-please see next page.

“Diversity and Cultural Competence” is a required course for Maryland health professionals. Massage Therapists from other states are welcome to take this class as it is an approved NCBMTB course (1 continuing education hour).
For CPR you will need to go on line at
Click on “Basic Life Support for Healthcare Professionals.” The cost is $28.50 payable to AHA online. The $50 for the hands-on portion will be paid with your conference registration.
View the video, take the test, print out the certificate. BRING the Certificate to the class.
Please do the online portion prior to coming to the conference to avoid any delays in getting your certificate. You must have the certificate to join the class.


1-800-837-3588 or 410-524-1600

Reservations can be made directly with the Holiday Inn at the numbers listed above.
All rooms are oceanview with a choice of a king size bed or 2 double beds. ALL rooms have a sofa bed and a full kitchen.
The Holiday Inn Oceanfront has an indoor pool, sauna, hot tub, workout room, tennis courts, coffee bar and complimentary morning newspaper. There is free wifi in the hotel and conference center. The hotel’s restaurant, A Touch of Italy, is open daily.
Rooms are available at a special rate of $139 a night for Fri. , 4/27 & Sat., 4/28, and $79 for Thur., 4/26 & Sun., 4/29 plus applicable hotel and sales tax.
Be sure to ask for the special FSMTA rates when reserving your room.
The Holiday Inn cannot guarantee specific room type availability but requests will be accommodated to the best of the Hotel’s ability. Check in time is 3pm on day of arrival & check out is 11am.

Here are answers for some frequently asked questions:

1.Please notify us BEFORE the conference if you have a disability requiring special assistance at the conference.
2. We do have a payment plan to help with your tuition. Please check the appropriate box on the registration form and your payments will be divided into 3 installments. The payments will be spaced out based on the day you register (example: if you register 3 weeks before conference start date of April 27, 2018, your payments will be once a week.
3. Classes are filled on a first come first serve basis. Register early to be sure you get your first choice. If a class is filled, you will be contacted about your second choice.
4. Upon receipt of your registration, a confirmation email will be sent with more detailed conference instructions. If you do not provide an email, it will be sent through the USPS.
5. If you are interested in sharing a room, please email at or call/text at 443-857-9009. We will not be matching roommates but will keep a list to share. It is up to you to make your own arrangements.
6. CPR is limited to a specific number of registrants. If the current classes fill up, the MAC2 committee will try to add another session.
All cancellations for the conference must be received in writing via email, USPS (postmark) or fax.
80% registration fee refunded if received by March 27, 2018 50% registration fee refunded if received by April 20, 2018 25% registration fee refunded if received by April 25, 2018 There are no refunds after April 25, 2018